Cyndie Hasty's secret desires are no longer secret. "I love those memories," she discloses, "of coming home in my family's red station wagon harmonizing to Marty Robbins."

Cyndie's two critically acclaimed albums, Alabama Blues (1997) and Temptation (2001), celebrate a rich blend of rural Southern flavored songs mixed with urban experiences, and a pop sensibility that draws from rock, folk, jazz, gospel, soul, and blues.

Raised in the Florida panhandle near the Alabama border along with five siblings, Cyndie's parents encouraged their children to perform at family functions. Cyndie initially disdained the rock 'n' roll world of her brother Kenny, who's squealing guitar solos and glam rock yearnings were the source of slammed bedroom doors and an intense rivalry.

But all that changed when her older sister Nancy returned home from college with a copy of Laura Nyro's classic New York Tendaberry. Recalls Cyndie "I fell in love with Laura Nyro's confessional lyrics, passionate voice, and intimate piano style. The way she punctuated her verses with funky, dissonant notes dissolving into the air left me captivated by her soul. I had discovered a brave new world of singer song-writers and I wanted in!"

Now, Kenny's defiant musical appetite appealed to Cyndie's creative muse. Her brother acquiesced by teaching his new pupil piano licks to the seminal favorite "Sweet Home Alabama" and Elton John's epic "Funeral For A Friend." "We'd haul down a Marshall amplifier from upstairs and jam in our living room. It was the best of times."

Sadly, Kenny passed away at the age of seventeen from a rare form of cancer. The tragedy had a profound effect on Cyndie's life and artistry. "I re-traced every song I heard to him," she remembers. "If the song existed before his death, I would listen. If not, it didn't matter." Cyndie left college life in Alabama and began gigging in clubs and venues throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. Re-locating from Ft. Walton Beach and Denver before settling in New York City, Cyndie's song-craft always reflects her ever-evolving perspectives on life.

From lyrics and melodies that detail the sweet to the salacious to the poignant, Cyndie Hasty has managed to create an identity for herself through music which she shares with her audience. "My starry-eyed dreams live on every time my music touches someone."